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McKee, Bernice Genevieve   7/21/2014    
Slick, Jr., Wilbur Leroy   7/21/2014    
White, Donald Lee   7/20/2014    
Poffenberger, James Eugene   7/18/2014    
Maiolo, Grace Catherine   7/14/2014    
Horn, Helen Autie   7/12/2014    
Englebrecht, John Franklin   7/11/2014    
Churchey Milburn, Patricia Lou   6/29/2014    
Nave, James Edward Franklin   6/27/2014    
Osborne, Bill    6/27/2014    
Socks, Edna Jeneen   6/26/2014    
Keller, Alicia Otzelberger   6/25/2014    
Waters, Richard Junior   6/24/2014    
Tull, Shirley Anne   6/21/2014    
Welch, Joshua Fleming   6/21/2014    
Guessford, Donna Kay   6/19/2014    
Baker, Robert Lee   6/14/2014    
Ward, John Thomas   6/13/2014    
Whipp-Moore, Ruth Emma   6/7/2014    
Scott, Mabel Elizabeth   6/6/2014    
Hartley, Deloris Rosealie   6/3/2014    
Hicks, Dorea Martz   6/1/2014    
Burk, Sr., Clyde Franklin   5/27/2014    
Settle, Richard Evans   5/26/2014    
Shortuse Jr., Richard Joseph   5/23/2014    

To protect your privacy,  Osborne Funeral Home will not share your eMail address on the web. We offer you the option of providing it to us solely as a way to contact you. We do not share your eMail with third parties without your express written consent.

 - American Veterans

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