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Cline, Elaine Gertrude   11/19/2015    
Hammond, Phyllis Jane   11/18/2015    
Moore, Harold Gene   11/18/2015    
Turner, Harry Preston   11/17/2015    
Gaylor, C. Marie   11/15/2015    
Forsyth, Carl Wingert   11/12/2015    
Clopper, Jeffrey Lynn   11/8/2015    
Schmanns-Adie, Marion Sue   11/8/2015    
Everitt, Marcella Jeanne   11/5/2015    
Hoover, John William   11/2/2015    
Hammond Sease, Lois C.    11/1/2015    
Potterfield Johnston, Donna L.   10/25/2015    
Miller, Michael Shane   10/20/2015    
Ardinger, Gerald Lynn   10/17/2015    
Kolpack, Kathleen Marie   10/15/2015    
Henesy, Helen Letitia   10/11/2015    
Harley, Jr., Roy Francis   10/9/2015    
Mellott, James Russell   10/9/2015    
Twigg, Marvin Allen   10/9/2015    
Arvin, Edgar Wayne   10/8/2015    
Swartz, James Eli   10/6/2015    
Sowers, Elta Mae   10/4/2015    
Dennis, Mary D.   10/3/2015    
Apple, Ruth Marie   10/1/2015    
Linn, Carl L.   10/1/2015    

To protect your privacy,  Osborne Funeral Home will not share your eMail address on the web. We offer you the option of providing it to us solely as a way to contact you. We do not share your eMail with third parties without your express written consent.

 - American Veterans

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